ArkDes – the exhibition Modellarkivet inaugurates ”Boxen” June 19th – August 26th

Welcome to discover Stockholm’s Urban Planning Department’s magical model archive through Malin Pettersson Öberg’s film Modellarkivet (The Model Archive). The exhibition, which is the first one in ArkDes’ new exhibition space Boxen, is based on a fantastic film material which will give the visitor a spatial as well as tactile experience. Curator: Mikaela Steby Stenfalk. The exhibition will open on June 19th and continue until August 26th 2018. More information below. Please visit ArkDes website for more details.

Opening of Boxen and Modellarkivet

Boxen, ArkDes’ new studio gallery, opens to the public with its first exhibition: Modellarkivet by the artist Malin Pettersson Öberg. Boxen is a new platform within ArkDes for new voices to inspire discussions about architecture, design, the built environment, and their relationship to society over the next four years. The gallery, designed by the Stockholm-based studio Dehlin Brattgård Architects, has a bold graphic identity designed by Studio Reko. In Modellarkivet, Malin Pettersson Öberg asks questions about the role of the archive in discussions about architecture in the city, posing thoughts around how they help us to understand our surroundings. Focused on the model archive at Stockholms Stadsbyggnadskontor [Stockholm Urban Planning Department], her work creates space for a renewed discussion about the grand visions that have shaped Stockholm’s urban development.

18.00: Opening of Boxen and the exhibition Modellarkivet
18.30: Opening speech by Kieran Long, Director of ArkDes, followed by a few words from Dehlin Brattgård, curator Mikaela Steby Stenfalk and Malin Pettersson Öberg18.45: Bar and music in Blom’s courtyard at ArkDes

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About the exhibition Modellarkivet, by curator Mikaela Steby Stenfalk:

“Hidden away from daylight, restricted to all but a selected few, archives hold infinite knowledge. Shelf after shelf, objects are labelled with cryptic codes. Only an experienced eye can see past the mesmerizing sameness and understand the value of each object. Malin Pettersson Öberg’s gives us an opportunity to visit one of these archives – the model archive at Stockholm’s Urban Planning Department – through her film Modellarkivet. With tranquil panning shots, we explore the space and its content while listening to Helena Lopac’s voice reading out the artist’s reflections. The narrator takes us on a journey through theories from French philosophers, to the history of the city of Stockholm and how visions of its planners has given their mark to its current state. Each fragment offers another piece in the puzzle that reveals Pettersson Öberg’s artistic perspective on this archive. The exhibition, also called Modellarkivet, is the first in ArkDes’ new Boxen gallery. Boxen is a platform where ArkDes wants to give space for alternative voices and allow emerging practitioners to stake claim to a position in order to inspire discussion in and around architecture, design and public life. Being an archival and film artist, Pettersson Öberg has a unique position to see the situation from a different point of view, which makes her work so relevant to the conversation about the future of our cities. In the space, a large screen shows the film Modellarkivet while the subtitles are displayed separately. This to enhance the essay, which plays as large of a role in the film as the image. Towards the end of the space are two shelf units with around 50 models from the city’s Urban Planning Department model archive, evoking the experience of walking through its aisles.”

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Exhibition folder with texts and conversation about the exhibition
Dagens Nyheter, av Lars Epstein: Staden slängde tjugo ton modeller på tippen, 19 Jun.
SVT Nyheter / Stockholm, av Astrid Eiderbrandt: Hemliga modeller visar miniatyrstaden Stockholm, 22 Jun. TV-clip.