Installation: Stereoscopic Scenography, 2011

2011, installation of 15 painted draperies, 150 x 340 cm, site-specifically produced for Spetsen, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm
15 motifs based on illustrations from astro-physical books, white textile paint on black cotton fabric

Photographer: Johan Wahlgren

Stereoscopic scenography is a site-specific work, consisting of fifteen hand-painted curtains, hanging side by side from a rail in the ceiling. This structure imitates the shape of the room (an ‘iron’) in a smaller, darkened room. The motifs are interpretations of illustrations in astrophysical and scientific handbooks, inverted from black to white and painted in larger sizes on fabric. The images testify to moments in history when humans, through physical discoveries and technological advances, have expanded their vision and knowledge of the universe.

For this installation, I wanted to explore the characteristics of the Spetsen room, as a stage where different movements and positions are possible for the viewer, but also as a greenhouse or observatory where we are both isolated and in contact with the outside world. The format of the fifteen curtains enters into a dialogue with the seventeen glass sections of the façade, while forming a darkened ‘cinema’ in the centre of the room. Inside the cinema, visual artist Ulla von Brandenburg’s film Chorspiel (2010) was screened. Visitors could pass between all the curtains to reach the centre of the installation. The work was commissioned for Bonniers Konsthall’s fifth anniversary as a duo exhibition, curated by Camilla Larsson.

Malin Pettersson Öberg, Stereoskopisk scenografi, Bonniers konsthall (2011)

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Malin Pettersson Öberg, Stereoskopisk scenografi, Bonniers konsthall (2011)
Ulla von Brandenburg, Chorspiel, 16 mm film, Bonniers konsthall (2011)