Kronologi (2012)

2012, installation with octagonal wooden structure, sound and textile
20 min, mono sound piece with voice over, narration in Swedish by Anna Soley Tryggvadottir
Wooden structure, 370 x 350 cm (eight sections, 150 x 350 cm each), displayed with curtains from the piece Stereoskopisk scenografi

Photographer: Per Eriksson

The piece Kronologi (Chronology) has been developed for the exhibition Eternal Return 2012 at Magasinet in Falun, which runs through May 16 to 28 2012 . The work consists of an octagonal wooden structure with curtains from the work Stereoskopisk scenografi. Inside the construction, the new sound piece Kronologi is played out of three speakers. The installation takes us on a journey through the history of astronomy, and offers an experience based on several senses. Our vision and body movements are activated by the three dimensional construction, and by the visual qualities of the exterior images. When we pass into the installation’s center we are surrounded by darkness and a speaker’s voice; our hearing and inner imagination takes over. The installation invites for reflections on the nature and significance of science and technology, which, by its winding discoveries have enabled an extended vision and expanded our knowledge about the universe and ourselves. It explores dichotomies and border areas between the interior and the exterior, between then and now, image and text, knowledge and imagination.

Download the manuscript Kronologi
Download the sound file Kronologi
Download a list of the curtain’s motifs