Vänersborgs konsthall GIBCA Extended, screening of Modellarkivet, 2/10 2021

Welcome to a screening of three art films at Vänersborgs konsthall (GIBCA Extended 2021) in Vänersborg, Sweden:
Tova Mozard/Stora scenen, Malin Pettersson Öberg/Modellarkivet, Angelica Olsson/`Zeigarnikeffekten´

Vänersborgs konsthall
2nd October at 2 pm – 4 pm

Still from Stora scenen, by Tova Mozard

What does memory do, and how does it create narratives about ourselves and the surrounding world? In three art videos, memory and its mechanisms are confronted. In Malin Pettersson Öberg’s film Modellarkivet we follow the shelves in Stockholm’s Urban Planning Department’s model archive, where thoughts and visions about the future society can be observed in miniature. Tova Mozard’s film Stora scenen sheds light on how we remember each other, our childhood, and which role this might play for the choices we make. The image is from this film. Angelica Olsson’s Zeigarnikeffekten moves in a black and white urban landscape, where words and images awakens our own memories. Memories, that we might not entirely have worked our way through, why these, according to Zeigarnik, might remain in our mind. The screening takes place in relation to the exhibition Glömda minnens bibliotek, 28/8 – 2/10 2021, on its closing day.


In order for us to calculate seats and space, feel free to send an email to let us know if you are coming.