Installation: Utan titel (Dalarna), 2013

2013, installation with 30 wooden signs, c-prints on aquarelle paper, 39x33x95 cm
Displayed in the museum’s collections and permanent exhibitions (see map)

The installation Utan titel (Dalarna) offers a fragmented story about collecting and the identity of Dalarna, in the form of text-based signs that spread out in Dalarnas museum’s existing rooms. On the plates we find quotes from numerous local as well as international authors, who comment on the site and the various categories of objects displayed there. While some texts are linked to Dala horses, floral motifs and other handicraft items in the museum’s possession, other texts contradict the traditional image of Dalarna and open questions about selection, representation and the construction of identity and cultural heritage. What are the functions and underlying mechanisms of collecting? How have museums developed and structured our knowledge? How does Dalarnas museum contribute to the construction of Dalarna’s history and identity today – what is highlighted and what is excluded? The piece Utan titel (Dalarna) attempts to speak with its environment and contextualize the experience of being in a museum.

Within the title of the piece lies the idea of ​​the museum and regional identity as open and redefinable. The quotes reflect on Dalarna’s established identity and suggest possible new approaches to the museum’s tangible as well as intangible heritage. Among other aspects, the pagan, magical and ritual aspects of folk art and handicraft are in focus. The title equally refers to Felix Gonzales-Torres installations with names such as Untitled (America), which forms a kind of metaphorical portrait of a place. As well as to the possible duality, complexity and “redefineability” provided by the lack of label, title or name.

Utan titel (Dalarna) was conceived for the exhibition Platser Samlingar Namn at Dalarnas museum in Falun 2013, with support from the museum and Moa Brännström Ott. For more information, please see the publication: Platser Samlingar Namn
Production of wooden signs: Moa Brännström Ott
Photographs: Sébastien Berthier and Malin Pettersson Öberg