Perspectivism – exhibition curated by Cinthya Lana at Slakthusateljéerna, September 2012

Between September 19th – 23rd 2012 Slakthusateljéerna hosted the exhibition Perspectivism, curated by the Brazilian curator Cinthya Lana. Perspectivism is Cinthya Lana’s degree project from the Curatorial Program for Professionals in Arts, Crafts and Design at Konstfack in Stockholm, a project carried out in collaboration with CuratorLab/Konstfack and Malin Pettersson Öberg/Slakthusateljéerna, with support from Iaspis – The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual Artists. Perspectivism is a group exhibition bringing together five emerging artists: Adrianna Palazzolo (b. 1982 in Toronto), Mark Leckey (b. 1964 in Birkenhead), Niklas Tafra (b. 1982 in Stockholm), Patrick Goddard (b. 1981 in London ) and Sanna Marander (b. 1977 in Helsingborg).

”The artists’ works in the exhibition propose a redistribution of the relations between humans and non-humans, subjects and objects, culture and nature. These categories are not explored in terms of dualistic or opposing systems, but rather presented in another ordering; enchained in non-hierarchical relations, they are extended to each other and participate mutually in the construction of one another. The project’s conceptual basis is grounded in the theory of perspectivism developed by anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, from ethnological studies of the concept of personhood and cosmological beliefs of the indigenous people in the Amazon.”
Excerpt of text by Cinthya Lana, 2012

The collaboration with Slakthusateljéerna was organized by Malin Pettersson Öberg in order to enable an exchange between Cinthya Lana, the participating artists and Slakthusateljéerna’s internationally active members. In connection to the project, Cinthya Lana carried out studio visits with many of the members. Further, the exhibition introduced the participating artists to a wider audience in Stockholm and brought together art professionals from Brazil, Canada, Japan, UK, Finland, Turkey and Sweden. Please download the press release for more information about the project.

Press release Perspectivism