Film: Unexpected and Unforeseen, 2024

2024, work-in-progress: Single channel HD video, 16:9, stereo sound, 10:30 mins
Draft produced as part of the course Film as a Research Tool, Linnaeus / Valand, 2023
Direction, camera, editing and voice: Malin Pettersson Öberg

Watch the video essay online

This video essay draft has been developed as part of the course Film as a Research Tool, Linnaeus + Valand, Sweden, 2023. My aim has been to provide a reflection on the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic society, starting in my own experience of Post-Covid, and moving on to ideas presented by other writers. Thoughts and references brought up in the essay are for example ‘black swan events’ (Taleb, 2007), changes in societies from open to closed, as a result of pandemics (Norberg, 2020), the role of the unforeseen (Solnit, 2005), Buddhist ideas as part of Tales of the Floating World and Ukiyo-e, (Ryoi, 1661), the Japanese art of woodblock printing and their representation of the landscape (Schlombs, 2007), ‘the blue of distance’ (Solnit, 2005).

All images and sounds were captured with an iPhone 11 (or earlier model) by myself, during work trips to various Asian and European countries in the years 2016-2023. Through a slow pace and a unifying slow camera movement – forward or lateral – the aim has been to create a meditative state for the viewer to sink into: a state for reflection. What thoughts and experiences do we carry with us from the pandemic and post-pandemic period, and how can we use these to better navigate our way forward? This draft will be further reworked and published again in April, 2024, when it will also be screened in public at Övre galleriet, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm. As part of the post-production process, the image quality and voice-over / language will be reworked. The choice of English language in this version was made in relation to the language of the online course, Film as a Research Tool.