IASPIS 28/8 2015 – Translating places and constructing landscapes

Translating places and constructing landscapes
A presentation of an artist-run exchange between Iceland, France and Sweden

Date: Friday 28 August
Time: 4-6 PM
Place: The Arts Grants Committee, The Project room. NB! The discussion continues at Slakthusateljéerna
Address: Maria skolgata 83, Stockholm
Language: English
Guests: Ari Allansson, My Lindh, Linus Lohmann, Litten Nystrøm, Stéphanie Solinas and Malin Pettersson Öberg
Moderator: Jonatan Habib Engqvist

Still image from the video ”Nordic Panoramas - Landscape No 1” by My Lindh (2015)

Still image from the video ”Nordic Panoramas, landscape No 1” by My Lindh (2015)

What is a place and how is its image constructed? In what way are we affected by the constant displacements and translations taking place in today’s globalized society? And how would artists and creators operate within this context, if they could independently formulate their roles and methods?

With a focus on Iceland and the image of the Nordic countries, these are some of the questions that have formulated the exchange and collaborative project Slakthusateljéerna + Air d’Islande. The collaboration was initiated in spring 2014 and has resulted in a series of exchanges in the form of residencies, presentations and conversations between visual artists and self-organized platforms in Iceland, France and Sweden. With a departure point in the project Slakthusateljéerna + Air d’Islande, the Iaspis programme will organize a conversation and screening of three films produced during the residencies.

The conversation presents the working methods of the artists in an organically growing exchange where the participants’ existing international networks are used as the foundation for new travels, encounters, experiences, artistic works and knowledge exchanges. The conversation will also highlight the shared interests of the participating artists, such as the conceptions of nature and the landscape – the external and physical as well as the inner and mental – in parallel to the visible or that which is hidden beneath the surface. Nature and the “supernatural” play a role in Iceland, whose extreme landscapes and weather conditions leave traces in the organization of society and culture.

The works approach the landscape as a construction and projection surface, but also link to the emblematic image of Iceland and the Nordic countries, and to how places and cultural identity are considered and described. In connection with the conversation, the films “Journal of Earth Sciences” by Malin Pettersson Öberg, “Nordic Panoramas – Landscape No. 1” by My Lindh, “The Debt of the Soul” by Stéphanie Solinas and photo documentation of the works by Litten Nystrøm and Linus Lohmann will be displayed.

Malin Pettersson Öberg, visual artist (SE)
My Lindh, visual artist (SE)
Ari Allansson, director, Air d’Islande, based in Paris (IS)
Litten Nystrøm, visual artist, based at Island (DK)
Linus Lohmann, visual artist, based at Island (DE)
Stéphanie Solinas, visual artist (FR)
Moderator: Jonatan Habib Engqvist, freelance curator (SE)

In parallel with the conversation and screening, an exhibition with works of the participating artists will be open at Slakthusateljéerna. After the conversation and screening at Maria skolgata 83 the evening continues in the exhibition at Slakthusateljéerna.

Bolidenvägen 22
121 63 Johanneshov

How to get there
Take the subway, the green line (19) direction Hagsätra. Exit at Globen

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