Paris (By Heart), (2010)

2009, b.w. foldable poster/map, 80 x 50 cm, edition of 3

Paris (By Heart) was initially conceived as an essay for the first issue, Ex Situ, of the editorial project EX 1000 cm2 Art Magazine, initiated by French artist and architect Guillaume Aubry. The magazine was launched and sold in 100 copies at Galerie Intuiti in Paris from October 2009, and includes printed art works by eighteen French and foreign artists. The issue Ex Situ evolves around the site of the gallery, and takes place within the urban context of the neighborhood. The map is the base of the question which is explored through the project: how can a territory be reactivated through a work based on it’s mapping representation? In Paris (By Heart), with kind contributions from the artists Clara Djian and Nicolas Leto, the area is explored and recalled in a personal and associative narrative. By use of images and fragmentary texts, the reader is invited to a take a walk in the area together with the artist – a kind of derive or psycho-mapping, where the personal memories are explored and reflected through the image of a city.

The work was developed into a folded, double sided poster and map, with the essay on one side and the map on the other, for the exhibition Labyrint 09 – Writings and Observations at Botkyrka Konsthall in Stockholm (2009/2010). The work is publicly accessible as part of Labyrint Press’s archive of artist books hosted in the art space, and was recently shown in the exhibition Travelogue as Allegory (2011).

Download and read the Paris (By Heart)-essay