Everyday Archives (Flyers 1998 – 2005)

2005, digital video slide-show, 34 min, silent

A slide in the digital slide-show Everyday Archives, 2005.

This work compiles around four hundred printed flyers, postcards and invitations that I collected in various European cities during seven years. The basis for the selection is random and personal: they describe my own itinerary and attended events during travels at this time, but also the non-mainstream, underground events that they were part of. An attempt to give ”eternal” life to something rather ephemeral: many of the prints were handmade, and less likely to end up in any major archive or collection. Apart from approaching questions of what an archive is and how selection and representation are generally performed, the work emerged from my interest in turning our attention to ordinary and overlooked phenomena and objects, in order to locate its unexpected and subversive qualities. All flyers mentioning the author/artist and location behind it were captioned.

The slide-show was screened at a few night clubs in Stockholm around the time it was made, for example at Marie Laveau (2005). In 2013, I used the same, but extended, collection of flyers as my point of departure for a reflection on the nature of archives and objects, in the shape of a video essay: Everyday Archives II. This work was screened in The 60th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, for example, and is distributed by Filmform.

You can find an excerpt of that video essay here.

Screening of Everyday Archives at the night club Marie Laveau in Stockholm, 2005. Photo: my own.