Artists and Archives – enquiry and film project planned for 2018-2019

Here you will soon find a proper project description together with images and updates related to the project Artists and Archives.

The idea behind Artists and Archives is to gather and collect reflections from artists working with archives and historical material in various ways, and look at what their engagement and interaction with these places and materials might imply, as well as how it might differ from other disciplines. But also, to interrogate how a more personal selection of case-studies of artists/colleagues active a.o. through their use and stagings of archives and historical material in moving images / performance works, might differ from the obvious examples of ”archival artists” that we are used to identify with these practices. This project aims at, through a series of dialogues, interviews, research trips and a film production, interrogate and find new angles on why and how a number of artists engage with history, collecting, and staging of archival material. What purposes does it serve, and how might our present and shaping of the future benefit from these interests and activities? The project consists of cross-disciplinary research through a series of documented interviews/conversations with professionals active within various artistic and humanist disciplines. The outcomes will be portrayed and disseminated through a documentary film, planned to be presented in 2019, and will function as a preparation for higher studies, research and publication work.

Photo of one of the archive boxes assembled by Ottilia Adelborg in Gagnef, 1903-1936. Digitalisation and printed matter in progress, Malin Pettersson Öberg (2017-2018)